This Ice Cream Makeup Is Taking Over The Internet & It’s Not Even Halloween

Ice cream for days.

It’s Summer and we’re all screaming for ice cream! But of course, the internet takes it one step further with ice cream makeup.

The trend is the latest beauty concept to take the internet by storm. While the trend doesn’t really involve actual ice cream, it re-creates the look with swirls of colourful cream and cones on foreheads and even sprinkles glues onto faces.

These fantastical looks are created with all kinds of tool from traditional eye shadow palettes to face paints, and topped off with creative touches like fake (at least we think they’re fake) sauce and cones.

The trend was big last Halloween but resurfaced again when Reddit user hiimkaylaa posted her version of the trend.

Photo: Reddit

Ice cream makeup kinda makes sense with it being summer and all. The colours in these looks definitely reflect the bright and fun aesthetics of Summer and we’re all for it.

Who needs Halloween when you can paint your face this way in June? Check out the video above to see how you can re-create the ice cream makeup look.



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