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Damn, Wonder Woman’s Killer Sword-In-Dress Trick Has Taken Over The Internet By Storm

Channel your inner Wonder Woman & share your photo with us! #wwgotyourback

Ever since Marvel’s latest installment Wonder Woman hit cinemas a few weeks back, both men and women from all over the world can’t seem to stop raving about the movie.

Thanks to its girl power concept, amazing storyline and badass female superhero, it’s not surprise to find that most viewers have made a deep connection with the film, ’cause so did we!


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Diana (played by Gal Gadot) can be seen flawlessly executing endless superhero moves in nearly every scene of Wonder Woman. But during the most intense moment of the film, Diana stunned viewers with a few subtle tricks, one of which is currently taking the internet by storm.

In the blue gown that she stole from a guest, a shot of Diana’s back revealed the God Killer sword which was slid down the back of her gown, with the handle resting on the garment’s back neckline like a decorative accent. Although the move looked oh-so-natural for the starlet, viewers wondered if Diana’s sword trick in the film was plausible in real life.

So, in true internet fashion, one devoted fan decided to channel her inner Wonder Woman by trying out the hack herself, and it didn’t take long for the Instagram post to go viral. People have been sharing photos and videos of themselves wearing dresses and hiding swords in their backs on Instagram with the hashtag #wwgotyourback, which currently yields over 100 posts (and counting)!

Looks like this could be the ultimate go-to sword trick at this year’s Comic Con.


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