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The Pitch Perfect 3 Teaser Will Pitch Slap You With A Cappella Madness

Grab a box of tissues, because this might just be the most emotional BTS video ever

It is not quite a trailer, but a more intimate view of the making of Pitch Perfect 3. The third installment of the a cappella musical-comedy is likely going to be the last movie featuring the Barden Bellas that we know and love, so watching the video of the cast having so much fun together makes it all the more bittersweet.

This time around, the Pitch Perfect crew is going on a USO tour after graduating from college – and looks like the fun hasn’t slowed down both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Showcasing major highlights of the film, viewers can see Rebel Wilson being attacked by dogs, the girls getting into trouble on tour, and of course some fierce displays of a cappella showdowns. Most of the cast is back along with rising stars including Ruby Rose, John Lithgow, and world famous musician DJ Khaled.

Pitch Perfect 3 is scheduled to hit theatres in December 2017.


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