Lipstiq Team Picks: Ride Or Die Brow Products We Can’t Live Without

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Shaping the perfect arches to frame our features takes a ton of practice, but equipped with the right tools, the process can be much quicker. Take a sneak peek into our makeup bags and learn about the Lipstiq team’s ride or die products that give us the best damn eyebrows ever!

Dior Diorshow Brow Styler (RM97)

Many brow pencils boast formulas that are too malleable or soft and leave too dark of a pigment on the brows, resulting in harshness. Unlike those, the Brow Styler is effortless to use and doesn’t deposit too much pigment with each stroke made. There is also a spoolie brush on one end to keep the hairs in the right direction.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper (Price N/A)

A ton of brow gels later and this one still emerges as a top contender. It has little fibers in it that helps to thicken the brow hairs and sets them in place for perfect arches all day long. Best of all? It’s completely affordable and has a tiny applicator for extra precision without the unnecessary mess.


Urban Decay Brow Beater (RM98)

The Brow Beater is the perfect go-to weapon for me when I have a brow emergency. The formula is long-lasting and waterproof, which makes for a smooth application and the microfine tip makes it easy to imitate the look of real hair. All I have to do is draw feather-like strokes.

Elianto Stay On Max Eyebrow Pencil (RM21.90)

Want fuller and thicker brows at a fraction of the price? Elianto’s Stay On Max Eyebrow Pencil has been on my must-have list for the longest time. The formula is ideal for warmer climates and blends easily on primed skin. It’s a wonderful alternative to other more high-end brow products.


Empro Triangular Brow Pencil (RM93)

I’m not a huge fan of eyebrow pencils as they have the tendency to look unnatural, but that changed when I was introduced to this brow pencil with a unique triangular tip. It is a retractable pencil with a brow spoolie on one end and though you need several strokes to bring about the pigment, it looks very natural. It’s pricey but lasts for a long time.

Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber-Infused Color Gel (RM109)

Initially, I was a little hesitant about this as I was new to brow gels, but this, with the mascara-like wand brush, works amazingly well. My brow hairs can sometimes look uneven even after I’ve filled in the gaps with a brow pencil, so this product further defines my brows by keeping them in place – something the pencil does not do.


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