#TheAltimetLiberty: Let Altimet Guide Your Way This Raya With Waze

Local rapper Altimet's guiding us through the ultimate way home this Raya!

For years, Waze custom voice prompts have thrilled and delighted Wazers on their daily drives. Liberty Insurance Malaysia and Waze now presents Altimet’s voice for Waze!

Altimet is no stranger to the local music scene, having won numerous awards with an astounding seven #1 hit singles. Now, you can brave the journey to your hometowns with Altimet guiding you through the ultimate route to your destination.

Altimet voice feature will be featured in dual language of Bahasa Malaysia and English. This is the very first dual language voice prompt in Malaysia, making it user friendly for all Malaysians! To access this feature, Wazers will just need to access the settings icon > voice directions > select Altimet, you’re good to go.

Altimet, a true Malaysian at heart who often raps of his hometown in songs such as his much acclaimed album “Kotarayaku” said, “I’m truly honoured to be the new voice on the Waze app. Through this, I am able to get closer to my fans. Instead, of them coming to see me ‘live’ in concert, I’ll be right there with them on their phones, guiding them back to their hometown to see their loved ones this Raya season. It’s my way of being there for them.”

Watch Altimet behind the scenes recording the voice prompts in the video above! For more information on Waze & Liberty Insurance Malaysia, access here and here.

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