This Lady Packs 200 Items Into A Tiny Suitcase & We’re So Amazed

As it is, we are already struggling to pack three days worth of clothes into our carry-on, aside from the necessities like toiletries, shoes and underwear.. which is why we’re absolutely mesmerised as Bond Girl Rachel Grant demonstrates how she packs over 200 items into one suitcase from Biaggi.

There was another video where she demonstrated packing 100 items into a carry-on, and after watching this video over and over again, we still can’t seem to fathom how she does it. She does leave us some tips though:

– Roll clothes to save space and insert them into Zip Lock bags
– Use the packing cubes to compress clothes
– Zip Lock bags and smaller packing cubes can also be used for toiletries
– Rubber bands can help compress bulkier items
– Stack pack similar shaped clothes to save space
– Squeeze out air from Zip Lock Bags
– Pack bulkier items at the bottom of the luggage to save space
– Shake the luggage repeatedly to create a little more extra space at the top

Good luck the next time you travel!

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