Well, you can’t get any fancier than this!

Italian luxury fashion house Gucci has unveiled a Bohemian homeware line designed by creative director Alessandro Michele and gosh, it’s the most gorgeous thing we’ve come across lately.

The collection, called Gucci Décor, consists of plates, cushions, folding screens, scented candles and upholstered dining chairs in vibrant, loud patterns adorned with floral and animal motifs.

According to a Gucci spokesperson, the collection epitomises “Michele’s imaginative notion that if you make pieces easily moveable, you can constantly dress and re-dress your environment.”

Prices range from $265 to $40,600, so uhmm.. not exactly accessible for us with meagre salaries.

Maybe the candle? It’s the most affordable at $265. Hey, having one thing from the line is better than having nothing, right?

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