Ansel Elgort Talks Social Media, Scott Pilgrim & His Love For Queen

It has been 22 years since movie director Edgar Wright dreamt up the idea for what would become Baby Driver. The talented scriptwriter had the kernel of the idea for Baby Driver while editing his debut movie, 1995’s micro-budgeted comedy-western A Fistful of Fingers.

His short answer for what took so long to get his passion project to the big screen? He was waiting for Ansel Elgort to be the leading man. Edgar Wright quips, “I cast Ansel because he’s like me, but taller.”

This is the first music-fueled film the director wrote by himself (he previously co-wrote features he also directed including Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and The World’s End).

Ansel Elgort — who plays the young innocent Baby, an unlikely maestro behind the wheel of a getaway car — were joined by co-star Lily James who plays his love interest, Debora, and boss Edgar Wright for the Malaysian press conference of Baby Driver at Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur earlier today.

The handsome actor revealed that he loves social media since it allows him to interact with fans. “I love meeting them and taking photos with them. I wish I could do that with all of my 8 million followers, but I can’t. So my way of doing that is by sharing updates on social media.”

“I’m also a big fan of Edgar. Especially after working with him, but before as well.. like his Scott Pilgrim movie. His style is very specific, and I’ve learned a lot from Edgar. Hopefully we’ll get to work together again.” When asked about his favourite music composer, Ansel Elgort simply answered, “Queen.”

Baby Driver is set to premiere on 20th July 2017. Watch the video above if you’d like to know more about the movie. 

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