Playtime Pains: 6 Common Reasons Why Sex Hurts

Time to turn that "ouch" into an "ooh".

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If there’s anything we know about sex is that it should be anything but painful. Almost every woman we know would complain about painful sex every once in awhile. Though it seems like a common problem, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to just put up with it. If you’re experiencing discomfort down there, stop everything you’re doing and figure out just what the hell is going on before it ruins your vagina and your sex life.

See if these sound familiar. If they do, we’ve got solutions to fix those issues today :

1. Lack of lube

We’re aware that the vagina is a self-lubricator, but there’s a catch – it doesn’t start becoming sufficiently lubricated until 5 to 7 minutes AFTER your brain is in the game. And despite what you see in movies, warm baths are known to dry vaginal secretions, not load it up. So stay away from warm baths before foolin’ around, and have a tube of lube ready to go. Try Smile Makers‘ range of personal lubricants for RM59.90 a pop at Watsons– they’ve got different consistencies to suit your fancy, and they’re all natural.


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2. It’s A Tight Squeeze

For a small number of women, “genital fit” can be a cause of pain. Meaning, your partner maybe “too large” or you’re extra petite. Here’s where you may need to be “loosened” up by trying simple sex moves like missionary, or you need to turn yourself on more with foreplay. And remember, no guy is ever too large-and-in-charge to wear a condom. Period. Get a pack of Durex Invisible – Extra Sensitive Condoms for RM14.45 at Guardian.


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3. It’s been awhile since you’ve been in the game

The struggle is real with dry spells. Of course, none of us intend on having a sex slump, but it happens. Now, we’re not saying that you’ve got to make sex as part of your daily/weekly routine, but we do want you to know that it’s totally normal for it to hurt if you haven’t done it in a couple of months or so. If you’re about to get out of a slump, don’t rush into anything. Take your time, and ease into things slowly for an enjoyable ride.


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4. You’re stressed out

Relaxation is an integral part of feeling ready and interested in sex. If you’re stressed out, you might take that tension to bed with you so it’s important to de-stress before getting busy. You can start by giving each other massages with relaxing essential oils like coconut or lemongrass. Not into rub downs? Try Yoga!


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5.  You have an STD or pelvic disease

Yeast infections, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory diseases maybe the cause of painful intercourse. In case you’ve been a little careless as of late and sex hasn’t been a pleasant experience, it maybe time to pay your gynaecologist a visit. Don’t worry, it’s pretty common for women to experience these and there are oral and vaginal medications that can treat those in a jiffy.


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6. You’re using the wrong positions

It’s always good to change up your routine once in awhile, but trying to contort your bodies into oblivion ala Karma Sutra may not be the best option for everyone. A guy’s curvature may throw your go-to moves a little off balance, so feel free to switch it around until you find something that feels right. And never skip foreplay – jumping right into sex can create friction, and not the good kind.

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