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LOL! M’sia’s MyBurgerLab Hits Back At Singaporean Diss With The Salt-Bae Burger

Well, someone's feeling patty. #TeamNasiLemakAyamRendangBurger #DontTriggerK

Photo: myBurgerLab

About 3 weeks ago, fast-food chain McDonald’s launched a special burger inspired by the infamous Nasi Lemak in Singapore and naturally, us Malaysian’s went “WHAT ABOUT US?”

The burger, which featured a coconut-flavoured chicken patty, a fried egg, sambal and cucumber slices, took Singapore by storm, completely selling out just two weeks after making its debut.

So after seeing a flurry of pics floating around on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat, Malaysian burger masters started replicating the Nasi Lemak Burger so the rest of us wouldn’t have to cross a border for the hybrid version of our favourite comfort foods.

Which led everyone’s favourite burger joint myBurgerLab to provide Malaysians with this drool-worthy, and crazy indulgent sandwich that is, to our opinion, a few notches higher than Singapore’s McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger – the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang burger. And trust us, everyone knows that a damn layan Nasi Lemak comes with a side of Rendang and a sunny-side up.

The tongue-in-cheek tweet by myBurgerLab above with the hashtag #MalaysianPride  struck a nerve with some. Soon after, we awoke to THIS salty af post directed to myBurgerLab posted by a Singaporean (we assume) Facebook page, Mediacock Singapore:

Well, someone’s feeling patty.

But thankfully, besides being masters of really awesome burgers (seriously, if you haven’t had a burger at myBurgerLab, you’re missing out on a lot) they’re also masters at shutting down online trolls. So when they caught wind of the post, they hilariously clapped back with the Salt-Bae Burger – a salt packed sandwich, exclusively for the #haters.

Gif: Giphy

So far, we haven’t seen an update from trolls. But it seems like myBurgerLab is winning this one.

Until then, get your Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger on with myBurgerLab today!

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