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Damn, Pandelela Rinong Looks Stunning In High-Fashion Shoot With Malaysia Tatler

Guess who ditched her swimsuit for Gucci? #PandelelaRinong

Photo Credit: Malaysia Tatler

Last week, we were treated to these ultra fabulous photos of Sarawakian diving sensation Pandelela Rinong from a fashion shoot that’s been making quite a few rounds on social media.

We almost missed her without her orange Team Malaysia jersey, but damn, does this girl look good in these photos or what?! In an exclusive interview with Malaysia Tatler, Pandelela looked like a straight fashion killer – decked in Burberry, Gucci and other luxury labels while posing like a seasoned trendsetter.

In her interview with Malaysia Tatler, Pandelela dished out on the ugly reality of being a public figure and the unbecoming effects of social media, especially after appearing in editorial shoots.

Photo Credit: Malaysia Tatler

In an accompanying interview with the publication, she dished out on the ugly reality of being a public figure after some people left nasty comments on her Facebook page, especially after she appears in the media or photoshoots. With the pressure to perform at diving comes the constant pressure from social media and keyboard warriors who persistently try to hurt her.

One of the comments mentioned on Facebook went like, “Oh, you’re not a model, stop trying to be one,” and “Oh, stop putting on makeup, you should concentrate on diving and not dressing up.”

Photo Credit: Malaysia Tatler

“Maybe they forget that I’m a girl. People always watch me anyway, and are curious about what I do, so I guess I just have to be extra careful. For me, it’s OK. I try not to let it affect me. Of course I will be upset for awhile, but I get over it. Usually I share about it with my friends and teammates and we end up laughing it off,” the Borneo beauty told Malaysia Tatler.

Haters come and go, but Pandelela Riong is just getting started with Olympic medals in tow. You do you, boo.


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