Hans Isaac & Fiancee Aileen Gabriella Robinson Deny Breaking Off Their Engagement

Photo: TV14

Trouble in paradise?

Fans and netizens have been speculating that actor and producer Datuk Hans Isaac is having relationship trouble, and has broken off the engagement with his model fiancee Aileen Gabriella Robinson, but you really can’t blame them due to the obvious signs.

A few days ago, Robinson deleted all photos of her and Hans Isaac together on Instagram, but Robinson has quashed rumours saying that, “I decided to open a new private (Instagram) account for my friends and family. My old account is only for work purposes,” and that, ““I have to separate my work life and my private life.”

Following her Instagram cleanup, Isaac also received WhatsApp messages and calls from the media wondering if their relationship is indeed on the rocks. He responded, “We are still together, I’ve asked Gabby (Gabriella) to give a media statement soon. Sorry, I’m currently in a meeting.”

Isaac proposed to Robinson on January 29 but then postponed their wedding, which was initially supposed to happen on July 29, to a later date as Robinson’s dad and other family and friends couldn’t make their July 29 wedding day.

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