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4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Dark Gallery Today

It's gonna be a scrumptious chocolate affair!

Prized for its high cacao content and complex balance of bitter and sweet, The Dark Gallery — a Singapore-based F&B brand by Thirtythree — takes pride in its signature goodies and alluring array of confections, which are all freshly made on site.

Using couverture chocolate sourced from gourmet chocolate brands such as Valrhona and Cacao Barry, the tempting indulgences offered by The Dark Gallery include ice cream, tarts, macarons, cookies, and hot and iced beverages.

1. Single Origin Platters

With a choice of four curated tasting platters, customers can indulge in chocolates from various countries, which will be changed periodically so that returning customers can look forward to making new discoveries with every visit.

Currently, both Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter (RM21) and Single Origin Hot Chocolate Shots Platter (RM15) feature a light and fruity 64% Madagascan, a floral and spicy 70% Dominican Republic, and an intensely bittersweet 72% Venezuela cocoa.

2. Signature Desserts

Sure to appeal to the Instagram generation is a photogenic repertoire of artfully plated desserts, which include the Chocolate Rhapsody (RM28), Chocolate Brownie Mess (RM20) with dark chocolate sauce, almond tuile and a single scoop of the customer’s choice of ice cream, and The New Banana Split (RM24).

3. Artisanal Desserts

Even if there isn’t time for a leisurely teatime rendezvous, customers can still delight in a quick pick-me-up with The Dark Gallery’s premium ice cream (from RM10 for a single scoop with 1 topping), which are made from scratch and churned in small batches throughout the week to ensure freshness.

A total of 12 chocolate and non-chocolate flavours are available every day, which comprises of Salted Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Butterscotch, Fresh Peppermint, and the incredibly lush Signature 80% Dark Chocolate – a best-seller that must not be missed.

4. Signature Drinks

Moreover, customers can also get a healthy dose of endorphins with The Dark Gallery’s signature beverages, which are all concocted using a melted mixture of pure Valrhona dark chocolate couvertures – the precious liquid flows from a special tap, which keeps it perfectly tempered.

The impossibly smooth and luscious Signature Hot Chocolate (RM15); made with frothed fresh milk and topped with shavings of dark chocolate, is especially-comforting, while the Signature Frozen Chocolate (RM19); a delicious slushy blended from chocolate ice cubes, is just the prescription for a sweltering day.

Take-home items such as Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate (45g, RM18), Ice Cream Pints (450g, RM33 each), Artisanal Chocolate Sable (160g, RM20), and Artisanal Chocolate Granola (240g, RM20) can be purchased in-store or via The Dark Gallery’s web-store.

For more information, visit Facebook or simply head over to its outlet at MyTown Shopping Centre for a scrumptious experiece.

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