Horrendous Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Proves That We Don’t Deserve The Internet

The kind of thing that happens when you give people the Wi-Fi password. #HeartShapedBoobChallenge

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As you already know, the internet is a cesspool of both empowering and ridiculous trends/challenges. The latest one that’s sweeping over Chinese social media outlets is the heart-shaped boob challenge. AND WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AS TO WHY THIS IS HAPPENING.

It is exactly what you think it is – make a heart shape with hands, and then squeeze boobs into said heart.
The trending topic, which has gathered nearly two million clicks on Weibo and some users claimed that only women with big boobs could complete the challenge. Kind of like a “Who’s Got Huge Knockers” game that’s made up by a bunch of pervy creeps, which is pointless because all boobs are beautiful #BodyPositivity #LoveYourBoobs.

Photo: Asia Wire

Apparently, the challenged, started earlier this week when a live-stream hostess Ayi Xi Tai Lu, created ‘the trick’ to attract more fans because all publicity is good publicity, amirite? We can’t say that Weibo feels the same, though. The social media site been deleting some of the images, deeming them too risque (can you blame them?).

Even still, that has not stopped people from joining in on the challenge. “Who wants to have a competition with me?’ read a caption by user ‘pinkyhua’ on a post of her participating in the challenge.

Weibo’s really trying to eradicate the challenge and we’re all for it because the challenge promotes a very worrying concept of beauty among women. But we feel like the trend may catch on in other countries soon, because that’s just the kind of thing that happens when you give people the Wi-Fi password.


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