LOL! Harith Iskander Has The Last Laugh Over His Wife Dr. Jezamine Lim In Singapore

Photo: Instagram via @harithiskander

Looks like Harith Iskander‘s wife has gotten a better comedian story to tell than her hubby ever will!

This is way too funny not to share and we’re still reeling in laughter while typing this.. So, Harith Iskander and his wife Dr. Jezamine Lim were at the Changi Airport in Singapore when she did something out of the ordinary.

At a self-service check-in machine, Dr. Jezamine inserted her passport into the feeder according to the instructions displayed on the screen.

The problem? She was supposed to place her passport there to be scanned, not feed it through the machine. By the looks of it, it wasn’t even an actual slot for the passport to go through. To be fair, the machine DID say “Insert Passport”.

Both Harith Iskander and his wife then hilariously detailed the incident on Facebook and Instagram, and the Malaysian comedian alleged that his wife was playing with her handphone while going through immigration, saying, “Some people cannot multi task..” LOL!

He also took the opportunity to promote his latest show I TOLD YOU SO, happening at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul, on 27 August 2017.

This is definitely not a common occurrence, but hey, at least the immigration staff in Singapore will now have a story to tell for a lifetime! 😛

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