You’ll Never Lose Your Luggage Again With These Terrifying Head Covers

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How ingenious?!

Fancy suitcases often cost more than flight tickets themselves, which is why most of us settle for the run-of-the-mill ones that are probably in boring colours like black or navy blue.

The downside? Most of these conventional suitcases look the exact same, and once you step out of the plane groggy, the last thing you’d want to be doing is having to focus to keep track of it.

You can now make your life way easier by literally putting a giant picture of your head on your suitcase, so everyone knows it belongs to you and you alone, thanks to Head Case.

Photo: Firebox

The stretchable cases fit over suitcases and travellers can personalise their own by uploading a high-quality image of a face (it could be of your enemy’s too), which will be printed on a double-sided polyester and spandex material.

Supplied by a London-based online retailer called Firebox, the possibilities are endless as you can display a flawless selfie, or make the ugliest face to intimidate other people away from your luggage.

The Head Case suitcase cases retail for $26 to $39, depending on the sizes.


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