Time to get those backpacks ready – it’s back-to-school for the kids!

Our favourite Malaysian celeb parents are sending their kids off for the first day of school – but not before a sweet Instagram post or two, of course.

Vivy Yusof posted a “flat-lay” of son Daniel and his first-day-of-school gear. “Preparing Daniel for first day of school today. Oh the waterworks 😭 “. Vivy’s daughter Mariam, was also teary-eyed as brother Daniel attends a higher school level today.

Marion Caunter also posted an endearing picture of her 3 kiddos (Leia Rose, Lana Rose and Liam) cuddling before the start of a new school term.

“After a 2 month long summer break, my kiddos are finally back at school today. Dropped them all off with mixed emotions. Happy cuz this mama doesn’t need to find ways to entertain them all day but sad cuz they’re growing up so quick! Time flies.” she wrote on the post.

Dr. Jezamine Lim gears up to send the kids (Zander Xayne, Alessandrea Jayne) off for their first day of school before she starts her day. “First day of school, excitement and a bit of chaos. A new chapter for all of us, mummy have to start sleeping early for sure and now.. it’s time to focus on our new venture!”

And now that the kids are back in school, Mommas everywhere heave a sigh of relief and a sentimental tear or two. Here’s to another great school year for the kids!

Nad Dardin
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