Young Living’s Essential Oils Promise Purity In Every Drop

It’s no secret that Young Living is famous for its pure, authentic essential oils. Often dubbed as nature’s greatest gift, these superb oils have been utilised for centuries due to their life-changing benefits. Most people use the oils for boosting overall mental and physical well-being, as well as beauty and even emotional wellness.

Not all plants produce essential oils, and in plants that do, the essential oils are found in the roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, and other parts of the plant. There are many kinds of application methods based on the desired effect, in which the essential oils can be used as a single oil or as a blend of complementary oils to produce a synergistic effect.

Common application practices include aromatic application (inhalation). Amazingly, inhaling the essential oils can have profound positive effects on mood, emotions and the ability to concentrate.

Besides that, essential oils can also be applied topically to the skin using a variety of techniques. The skin can absorb the active compounds in essential oils to achieve a localised effect. However, it is highly recommended for users to dilute the essential oils in a carrier substance, usually pure vegetable oil, before massaging on the desired area.

With retail price starting from RM79, the essential oils sure are wonderful! For more information on these babies, visit Young Living or contact them via Facebook.


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