OMG! M’sian Designer Nurita Harith Made This Bride A Stunning Wedding Gown Using Tissues

If it's strong enough for a wedding dress, it's strong enough for everything else. #VindaDeluxe #ExtraStrong

Earlier today, we attended the wedding of Anthony Wong and Shervyn Chua hosted by new tissue brand Vinda Deluxe, celebrating the occasion with the bride wearing a custom-made wedding gown by the one and only Nurita Harith – and trust us when we say that the Malaysian designer used a hell of a lot of #ExtraStrong and absorbent Vinda Deluxe tissues to create the stunning masterpiece.

“Vinda Deluxe Tissues are amazing! I could not have imagined that it was possible to work with tissue paper the way I did for this dress.” said the revered fashion designer. “The Knitted Fibre Technology really makes a difference; it’s such a perfect match of strength and softness, it was almost as though I was working with fine fabric instead,”

“I’m so glad that I was part of this effort to create an unforgettable experience and the first time I’ve ever created a tissue wedding gown. Making one for Shervyn and seeing her so happy and beautiful brings tears to my eyes.” Nurita continues.

As for the lovely bride, Shervyn was almost overcome with joy, saying “This experience is so much more than I could have imagined. It’s a real privilege to be wearing a Vinda Deluxe wedding gown and I can honestly say that no one else will ever have one like mine! Anthony and I are very honoured to have our wedding as part of the Vinda Deluxe launch in Malaysia.”

Nurita’s use of interesting silhouettes, usually consisting of soft layers and drapes to bring together femininity and confidence in her designs, differentiates her style in the fashion industry – and today, she pushes the Malaysian bridal fashion scene to new heights with Malaysia’s first-ever tissue wedding gown.

The one-of-a-kind wedding gown brings to life the marriage of strength and softness that is the hallmark of Vinda Deluxe Tissues, and symbolises the many special moments the couple will experience in their lives together, from cleaning up, to drying tears of joy on a special day or giving a child the kindest, most comforting touch.

Pretty sure we can all agree that Shervyn looks gorgeous in her tissue wedding dress by Nurita. Congratulations again, Shervyn & Anthony!

The video of Shervyn and Anthony’s wedding will be aired on the Vinda Deluxe website on September 13. To catch more glimpses of Shervyn’s stunning Nurita Harith x Vinda Deluxe dress, access here. To experience the strength of Vinda Deluxe, grab a pack in select independent grocers and supermarkets nationwide! Consumers can also attempt at making fun, kid-friendly mini tissue wedding dresses at select locations from September 30 onwards.

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