The Latest Korean Beauty Trend Has Women Taping The Faces

Oh, South Korea, you’re intriguing as ever.

South Korea has been and always will be the plastic surgery capital of the world, and it’s extremely common; so much so that surgeries are even gifted by parents to their daughters on their 21st birthday.

Photo: Dodo Label

While it may be something of the norm, naysayers still persist, and if you’re one of them who seeks enhancement on the face yet refuse to go under the knife, there is now a brand new, and much less painful, solution.

Brought to you by Dodo Label, the Face Maker Lifting Tape has been making waves around the nation as it literally lifts the face. It’s a quick fix, sans the costly surgeries, but how does it work?

Retailing at $5 for a box of 20 sheets, the tape is applied around the jawline to ‘pull back’ the face, making it appear slimmer and more defined.

The best part about it is that the tape can be concealed with makeup, so other people wouldn’t be able to tell you have it on! We reckon this tape will be easily accessible everywhere soon..

What a time to be alive though.

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