Elite’s Hana Goes Bankrupt Thanks To Another Bandmember, Watie

Being declared a bankrupt has separated Hana from seeing her teenage children who live in London.

Remember the ’90s hit girl group sensation, Elite aka Malaysia’s very own version of Spice Girls? They triggered quite a phenomenon and became the pioneers in our entertainment industry before calling it quits in early 2000s.

While we thought everything is fine and dandy, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A former member of the singing group, Hana, has filed another suit against group member Watie – this time to get the RM707,351.83 payment in damages as ordered by the Selayang Sessions Court two years ago.


Hana, whose real name is Norhanasafiza Mat Adnan, 39, filed the judgment debtor summons against Watie, whose real name is Norwati Sadali, 41, last May 18 after the latter failed to make the initial payment as ordered on March 10, 2015.

In the suit, Hana is seeking the court to issue a warrant of arrest against Norwati if she fails to show up in court to explain the reason for failing to pay the damages.

Hana with ex-husband Adam (left) and their children (right)

Devastated, Hana laments that being declared a bankrupt four years ago has separated her from her teenage children who live in London, United Kingdom. She blames her predicament on former bandmate Watie, who failed to pay damages in an ongoing lawsuit involving them.

According to a recent news report, Hana was quoted as saying she could not meet her children Aaron Danial Mann, 16, and Alayna Daniella Mann, 15, from her marriage to Adam Abdullah from 2000 to 2007. “Getting declared a bankrupt has added a lot of problems to my life. Worst of all as a mother, I’m unable to meet my children, all this because of another person’s mistakes!”

Watie and husband Joey. Photo: Star

Meanwhile, Watie, who was accompanied by her husband, actor and comedian Zulkifli Daud, also known as Joey, told reporters she was at court today after a notice was served on her to attend a court proceeding to settle the case. When asked her reason for not attending the proceeding that was fixed for last June, she claimed she did not receive any letter informing her of the proceeding.

Despite being unrepresented, Watie said she intended to pay the damages, but hoped she would be allowed to make the payment in instalments as she could not afford to pay it in one large sum. “The court has ordered my husband and I to submit our salary statements for the purpose,” she said.

Meanwhile, lawyer Tengku Nadiatul Hanim Tengku Mohamad Nasser, representing Hana, said the court set Oct 11 to hear the judgment debtor summons. So.. what really went down here?


Back in 2015, Hana filed the suit after Watie failed to settle a bank loan, which used her (Hana’s) name for the purchase of a Toyota Wish. In the claim statement, Hana stated that she had loaned RM150,000 and the use of her name to Watie for the car purchase in September 2005, because her bandmember didn’t have enough money and was not eligible to apply for the loan.

However, after getting the car, Watie failed to comply with the stipulated conditions, including paying the loan instalment as well as the car’s road tax. As a result, Hana was declared a bankrupt on April 1, 2013. She also said her bankrupt status was widely spread on the internet and print medias, causing her immense stress, which negatively affected her career.

Hana (left) and Watie (right) Photo: NST

The original claim in 2015 was RM300,000 but this amount increased to include two years’ interest as a result of non-payment by Watie.

Looks like someone is about to get served. The story is still unfolding, so watch this space for news update!






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