Vivy Yusof’s Latest Venture dUCk Cosmetics Looks Pretty Damn Promising

Is there anything Vivy Yusof can’t do?!

The mother of two, who is the co-founder of Fashion Valet – one of Malaysia’s largest fashion e-commerce destinations, also owns dUCk, a lifestyle brand spotlighting gorgeous scarves.

Expanding the dUCk label, the 29-year-old actress recently unveiled her latest venture – dUCk Cosmetics, offering lipsticks, lip creams, lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, makeup removers, hair mists and more.

The whole dUCk Cosmetics collection, which is certified halal and on par with European Standards, is now available in the brand new flagship dUCk Cosmetics store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The cruelty free makeup is all housed in pretty purple packaging, and some of the ranges even sport cute names inspired by pop culture of our century.

For instance, Lipstickwithu lipsticks are named after Friends characters, Glossip Girl lip glosses after Gossip Girl, and Matte Decision lip creams after characters from How I Met Your Mother.

dUCk Cosmetics’ prices range from RM60 to RM135 on FashionValet!

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