Squiggle Lips Are A Thing Now Because Squiggle Brows Just Aren’t Enough

What's next? Squiggle highlights?

TBH, I thought we were done with crazy beauty trends in 2016. Then came 2017 and everyone started doing weird/artistic things with brows – and now, everyone’s on to squiggly lips.

Makeup artists, perhaps inspired by the wavy eyebrow look, are now concocting seriously swirly lip art on Instagram. Since this style is softer (just a little) and a little more abstract than squiggle brows, everyone’s opted to call this the “wavy lips” trend.

We’re not sure of how we feel about this new trend, but if you’re thinking of trying this out for Halloween or just a quick run to the grocer’s, the video above will tell you how to get in on the squiggly lip trend pronto. Until then, I’m just kind of hoping that you don’t buy into the trend and find better use for those lip products.


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