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Girl, Yes! Evita Delmundo Could Be Crowned Miss Universe 2018

The young Sabahan who suffered abuse over her mole-covered face is Top 50 at Miss Universe 2018!

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20 year-old Evita Delmundo was born with large moles on her face, body and legs, as well as a large birthmark which spans across her neck and shoulders. It’s not surprising that she was robbed from having a lovely childhood friendship, with kids being kids and all.

However, despite years of relentless bullying, even being branded a “monster” and “chipsmore” by cruel classmates, Evita has learned to find beauty in her moles and refused to have removal surgery since it could also jeopardise her life.

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In June, Evita has taken the bold step of auditioning for Miss Universe Malaysia. Guess what? Home girl has made it into the Top 50! The Sabahan native rose to fame when word spread that she joined the beauty pageant. It’s no doubt that she’s here to stay and break some beauty boundaries.

“None of us are born perfect and all of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. So don’t see any of your flaws as a barrier to achieving what you want,” she remarked, “At the end of the day, everyone has something special about them, so be proud of whatever makes you, you.”

Well said, and congratulations Evita! 😍


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