You Will Soon Be Able To Shop For IKEA Products Online Within Malaysia

As enjoyable as it may seem, IKEA runs can sometimes be a pain to endure. Not only do you have to manoeuvre your way through annoying children running about and huge loaded trolleys being left in the middle of pathways, queuing to pay for the items behind long lines and then stuffing the purchases in the car just worsens the experience.

If this scenario is all too familiar, you’d be very glad to know that IKEA is soon to launch an e-commerce site in Malaysia so everyone here can enjoy the convenience of shopping online! According to IKEA’s Southeast Asia managing director Christian Rojkjaer, it will be unveiled in Malaysia by 2018.

IKEA’s e-commerce platform will be made available in Singapore within the next two weeks, and follows after kickstarting its e-commerce business in Shanghai. Recently, IKEA also revealed plans for its latest store in Penang, which is slated to open early 2019.

Hallelujah! Our prayers have been answered.


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