We’ve been feeling a little sluggish as of late and decided to look to Instagram for some #Fitspiration. Whether you’ve been taking a break from the gym for far too long or need some motivation to get up and burn some kcals, here’s 6 celebrity mommas who are all about serving everyone a healthy dose of #Fitspo.


1. Carey Ng – Personality and momma-to-be Carey Ng is undeniably hot and even at 32 weeks pregnant, she can be seen jogging, practicing yoga when it comes to keeping herself fit and healthy. She tied the knot with hubby Roen Cian last year and the happy couple is expecting baby Shaelyn Rey Cian’s grand appearance anytime now!


2. Dr. Jezamine Lim – Dr. Jezamine Lim is basically everything we want to be – she’s got the smarts, the looks and a cheeky sense of humor. When she’s not busy being a CFO for Harith Iskandar Productions or being a Medical Director for Yakin Medic, this mummy of 3 can be seen working out and goofing around with her little family.


3. Daphne Iking – Say Yes To The Dress Asia host and personality Daphne Iking is one of those mums we aspire to be one day. Besides keeping physically active anytime she can (plus handling 3 kids), the fit mum is also into Yoga. We’re also big fans of Daphne’s vlogs. Check them out here.


4. Azura Zainal – Fit Bunny and TV show host Azura Zainal can always be seen keeping herself active even with a baby on the way #fitmumgoals. Here’s Azura keeping healthy with a bowl of acai smoothie.


5. Marion Caunter – This fit mum of 3 is always dressed to the nines in coveted designer pieces. She also keeps fit by squeezing in a run anytime she can.


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6. Patricia Knudsen – Patricia Knudsen is DJ, TV show host, emcee and a new mum. This gorgeous new mum keeps healthy with Xtend Barre and kickboxing.



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