The worst thing that could happen when you’re revamping your apartment is splurging a few hundred Ringgit on a brand new couch, only to find out that it doesn’t gel with the rest of your decor or paint. Fear not as our favourite Swedish home furnishings and decor store IKEA has released a nifty app so you’ll never have that issue again.

Photo: IKEA

The app, called IKEA Place, is built on Apple’s ARKit technology and will be available from the end of September. The furniture, home goods and products by IKEA in the app are “3D and true to scale” so you won’t have to worry about measurements or colours.

Now, you can try various IKEA products in different styles and colours in real-life settings with a single swipe of a finger, and as a result, this minimises your chances of spending money on something that wouldn’t work with your space. Imagine all the money you could save! Furniture doesn’t come cheap, ya know?

Photo: IKEA

IKEA Place works with 98% accuracy, and there’s more – users will also be able to view how light and shadows render on these IKEA offerings, as well as the details such as textures on fabrics. If you need a second opinion, you can also share images of the looks with friends.

The IKEA Place app will feature over 2,000 IKEA products, so do watch out for it on the App Store! 😉


Carmen Chong
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