Tmall World’s All-New Localised Services Will Change The Way You Shop Online!

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With the successful launch of sea freight service, Tmall World, a platform that aims to connect 100 million vendors worldwide through Alibaba Group’s Chinese-language social commerce app Mobile Taobao and website, continues to enhance its localised service in Malaysia and introduces a new door-to-door delivery and installation services with selected brand in its Super Brand Day campaign.

With the aim of giving back to its overseas consumers and providing them with improved logistics and installation options for Home & Living products, these services will provide Malaysians with a seamless, end-to-end shopping experience with Tmall World.

Get your phones ready during any of Tmall’s Super Brand Days! Popular Home and Living brands on Tmall World will feature exclusive flash sales on a massive number of products during the campaign.

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Promotional offerings include:

• Shopping Vouchers – Tmall World will offer 10% cash back coupons on purchases of RM 188 or more.

• New Delivery Option – Tmall World now offers sea freight options to Malaysians as an alternative method of shipping. Fee ranges from as low as RMB9.5 (RM6) per kilogram, excluding 6% GST charges. (This offer is applicable for individual consignments of up to 100 kg each or a consolidated consignment of up to 200 kg each. For more information on sea freight, do visit: Tmall World Sea Freight)

• Merchants such as Linshimuye, ZOUYOU and FOTILE will roll out localised door-to-door delivery and installation services for Malaysian consumers.

With almost 65% of Malaysians shopping online, the localised sea freight services will give you a less costly alternative on delivery charges and a reduced waiting time – about two weeks for arrival of goods.

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