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M’sian Baker Makes Pimple Popper Cake & It’s As Gross As It Sounds

Photo: Cakescape

If you’re the kind of person who finds watching blackhead extraction and pimple popping videos extremely fulfilling, you may want to consider this cake idea for your next birthday.

A Malaysian bakery called Cakescape has churned out pimple popper cakes that look pretty damn realistic as the decadent creations even involve blotchy, crusty and red pus-filled artwork that look exactly like inflamed pimples about to pop.

The best part? Once the ‘pimple head’ is ‘squeezed’, disgusting yellow ‘pus’ oozes out, similar to how real pimples work. Creative or just gross? You decide.

Surprisingly, Cakescape has sold over 20 of these pimple popper cakes throughout the past year, so what do you know? There is indeed a market for these pimply, oozy cakes.

There’s even a cupcake version by another bakery. Which suits your fancy? 😉

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