The Stretch Clinic KL Is Here To Help Fix Chronic Back Pain, Poor Posture & More

If you use the laptop frequently, then you definitely need to visit The Stretch Clinic.

Hello grandmas (aka people who have chronic back pain like me)!

Recently, I’ve visited The Stretch Clinic KL — a newly opened stretch, massage and physical therapy facility at Plaza Batai — and I’m pretty impressed with what the clinic offers. Finally, I can stretch like Neo from The Matrix again.

The Stretch Clinic primarily provides Active Isolated Stretching treatment (first ever in Malaysia) — which aims to correct and treat numerous types of muscular and neurological injuries, improving overall strength, balance and mobility.

It caters to everyone from athletes, the elderly, desk-bound executives at risk of chronic pain conditions, to those with busy lifestyles suffering from poor posture as well as postoperative care patients.

Dubbed as the gold standard in optimum performance, pain management and rehabilitation, the AIS conditioning programme is based on these crucial steps: assessments, stretching, strengthening and reprogramming. Failure to follow this process means that the symptoms and pain will likely return.

Manned by a team of licensed physio- and sports therapists, The Stretch Clinic offers a wide range of treatments including physical therapy, active isolated stretching, stretch and strengthen, stretch and massage, sports massage and therapeutic massage.

PS: The Stretch Clinic is offering RM99 sessions for first-time trials until the end of Oct 2017. So don’t miss out!

Contact The Stretch Clinic for enquiries, or visit Facebook if you’d like to know more about the facility.

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