If there’s one evident benefit we can point out from working in Malaysia, it has got to be our abundant public holidays scattered throughout the entire year. While 2018 will be no different, the strategy here is to maximise the public holidays by taking one or two days off for ultra long weekends to sleep in, or do whatever the hell you want, really.

Take a look below, and all we can say is – Happy Planning! 😀

Photo: Malaysia Public Holidays

January 1 (Monday) – New Year’s Day

  • 3-day weekend

January 31 (Wednesday) – Thaipusam

February 1 (Thursday) – Federal Territory Day

  • Take Friday (Feb 2nd) off for a full five days

February 16 – 17 (Friday & Saturday) – Chinese New Year

  • 3-day weekend

May 1 (Tuesday) – Labour Day

  • Take Monday (Apr 30th) off for a full four days

May 29 (Tuesday) – Wesak Day

  • Take Monday (May 28th) off for a full four days

June 15 (Friday) – Hari Raya Puasa

  • 3-day weekend

August 31 (Friday) – National Day

  • 3-day weekend

September 11 (Tuesday) – Awal Muharram

  • Take Monday (Sept 10th) off for a full four days

September 17 (Monday) – Malaysia Day (carried forward from Sept 16, which is a Sunday)

  • 3-day weekend

November 6 (Tuesday) – Deepavali

  • Take Monday (Nov 5th) off for a full four days

November 20 (Tuesday) – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

  • Take Monday (Nov 19th) off for a full four days

December 25 (Tuesday) – Christmas

  • Take Monday (Dec 24) off for a full four days

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