Last week, Miss Universe Malaysia has revealed its iconic Nasi Lemak dress as this year’s national costume, and the internet took no time to give their their opinions on the outfit. It’s very unique, but we do have questions about the Victoria’s Secret-inspired wings and that sunny-side up egg.

With that, let’s take a look at our neighbours Indonesia and Singapore’s national costumes. Are the outfits going to be as extravagant as ours?

Miss Universe Indonesia

On 5th Nov (Sun), Miss Universe Indonesia unveiled it’s outfit for the competition which will be held in Las Vegas, leaving us totally speechless over the colourful number which is titled ‘Warrior Of Orang-Utan’.

If you can’t already tell, the costume worn by 26-year-old beauty queen Bunga Jelitha Ibrani is actually inspired by one of the most treasured apes species, Orang-Utan, which can only be found in Borneo and Sumatra rainforests.

Miss Universe Indonesia
Miss Universe Indonesia
Miss Universe Indonesia

Fashion designer Rinaldy Yunardi complements the whole look with a headpiece from the Dayak tribe in Borneo, complete with Kalimantan accents which symbolises the strong fighters protecting the extant Orang-Utan and Kalimantan forest.

The talented dressmaker — whose designs have been worn by international celebs including Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Aaron Kwok as well as for 2016’s VS Fashion Show — also incorporated Orang-Utan hairs on the shoulder and its face on the back.


On another note, Singapore’s award-winning designer Moe Kasim, who has been trusted to create the country’s Miss Universe national costume this year, has chosen to go architectural rather than a cultural or ethnic theme.

He is basing it on Gardens by the Bay’s Supertrees and — taking notes from Rizman Ruzaini — it will be a bodysuit instead of a dress. Mr Kasim revealed, “The Supertree is the focus, so the backpack will take more work. It will have LED lights, so there will be some wiring to do.”

This is so exciting, guys! Stay tuned on this page for more updates 💋

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