Opulence Revealed: Unravelling The Fine Elements Of Rémy Martin XO

Founded in 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has since established itself as one of the most exquisite Fine Champagne Cognacs around the globe, and its long-standing success can be attributed to the use of grapes that hail from the two best vineyards of the Cognac region – Grand and Petite Champagne – aside from diligent care by the Cellar Master.

What makes Rémy Martin cognac an easy standout in its own right with a distinctive edge in aroma, colour and flavour profile is the distillery’s traditional ageing process that extends between 10 to 37 years, as compared to the average practice of six years.

As a tribute to the three-century-long union in 1981, the extra-old cognac Rémy Martin XO was culminated, thanks to legendary Cellar Master André Giraud. No less than spectacular, the award-winning and ultra refined cognac of up to 400 eaux-de-vie presents a complex explosion of aromas and taste layers that delicately linger.

On the nose, it is a fusion of fragrances comprising late summer fruits and rich floral notes of white flowers whereas on the palate it renders richer and velvety flavours of juicy plums, smokey tobacco, candied oranges, complemented by tinges of hazelnuts and cinnamon.

To further discover the foundations that make up the XO and its history, Rémy Martin recently showcased an multi-sensorial tasting experience with the brand’s International Brand Ambassador from Cognac, Gan Chian Mei, whereby we deconstructed the goodness of the aromatic spirit by exploring various textures, flavours and aromas.

The opulent spread of elements such as grapes, flowers walnuts, cheeses, chocolates and spices each highlighted the sophisticated components that make up the full-bodied XO, and as Chian Mei detailed the foundational guiding principles of Rémy Martin, it was evident how the cognac remains as significant until today.

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