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10 Popular Malaysian Eats You Can Find At Genting’s Malaysian Food Street

Image by: Resort World Genting

If there is one thing we Malaysians are the best at, it’s got to be food. It is what bonds us as a nation, and in this multicultural country, we are thankfully never short options; so much so that food hunting on the weekends if often our favourite activity. #sorrynotsorry

With all that said, some may still find it a hassle to travel the distance just to enjoy food, and well, if you’re one of them, we’ve got a solution. Resorts World Genting’s latest addition to their lifestyle hub SkyAvenue – Malaysian Food Street – is a one-stop destination to get your Malaysian food cravings fixed.

With various kiosks operated by Genting, Malaysian Food Street has been established in partnership with renowned local hawker stalls scattered around Malaysia, so you’ll be able to indulge in the best out of the best. This fancy food court is also cashless, and patrons would have to top up their cards to make purchases.

The interior of the food court is also worth highlighting as the setting has a ’60s vibe, bringing the dishes back to the times they were introduced. As the Malaysian Food Street is (gloriously) non-halal, our Muslim friends need not miss out as Genting has also voiced out plans to introduce a similar food court concept with completely halal selections.

Here are some of the famous Malaysian delicacies you can find at SkyAvenue’s Malaysian Food Street:

1. Loong Kee Restaurant Hokkien Mee

Nothing beats a steamy plate of hokkien mee fried with intense wok hei, fried with shelled prawns, tender pork slices and topped with crispy, deep-fried lard. Although commonly found, the secret of a satisfying hokkien mee lies within the chef’s techniques. Operating since 1974, the owner of Loong Kee has mastered the perfect charring of ingredients in his wok.

2. Hon Kee Porridge

A pot of silky porridge is the dish to have during chilly days, especially with the cooling weather up in Genting Highlands. Originally located at Petaling Street, Hon Kee is famed for its fish fillet porridge that is light in flavour yet is extremely comforting. There are also other ingredients and condiments that can be added, including pork balls and century egg.

3. Kajang Satay Rono

Kajang automatically comes to mind as far as satay is concerned. The grilled chicken, lamb or beef skewers paired with chunky, spicy peanut sauce never fails to satisfy, and now operated by the son of Mr. Rono, Kajang Satay Rono is one of those ones whose quality has remained top-notch since opening in 1965. Yeap, the satay is as authentic as it can get.

4. Kee Hiong Klang Bak Kut Teh

The dish bak kut teh is actually named after the man who created it – Lee Boon Teh, and since the 1940s, Kee Hiong Klang Bak Kut Teh has been serving up its fragrant and herby broth to its customers. Boiled fresh daily using mixed herbs, pork bones, pork meat and other ingredients, this bak kut teh is best served with white rice and yao char guai.

5. Googgle Man Penang Char Kuey Teow

Char kuey teow is probably listed as Penang’s number one street food and there are definitely quite a number of versions that make it to the top of the list. Better known as KTG Char Kuey Teow, this stall originated from Penang itself and is oh so gratifying. It’s greasy, flavourful and packed with ingredients!

6. Choo Kim Choon Prawn Mee

If you didn’t already know, hokkien mee is something completely different to the Penangites, and according to them, it is in fact what we call prawn mee. The star ingredient of this fiery bowl of noodles is surely the prawn stock that is boiled with prawn shells and heads.

7. OUG Seafood Pork Noodle

With over 40 years of culinary experience, the mastermind behind this scrumptious bowl of pork noodle has claimed that they were the first ones to have incorporated seafood into their noodles. The additional secret ingredient to the dish does its job by elevating the taste and giving the perfectly savoury broth a fresh, sweet aftertaste.

8. Koon Kee Wanton Mee

First fried and then braised for long hours until juicy, Koon Kee’s chicken feet and mushroom wanton mee is undeniably memorable. The springy noodle is tossed with dark soy sauce, and if chicken feet makes you squirm, you can always opt for barbecued pork, which is lovely too. Alternatively, have it with wantons and soup like the Hong Kees do!


9. Mun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice

Malacca has some of the best food and Mun Kee’s Claypot Chicken Rice can definitely be attributed to its reputation. You’ll get the whole package here – Rice, chicken, Chinese sausage, salted dried cod, spring onions and other condiments left to simmer in a claypot. You’ll never miss that distinct, fragrant smell, and the best part? The crunchy burnt rice at the bottom!

10. Taugeh Ayam Buntung

We all love chicken rice and Buntung, Ipoh, is known to serve the best taugeh chicken (chicken with bean sprouts). Being in business for over 34 years, Taugeh Ayam Buntung has consistently got patrons coming back for more as its chicken is smooth and tender. Your meal won’t be complete without the signature bean sprouts, so don’t forget to order some.

Image by: Resort World Genting

If you think the list stops here, you’re wrong. There is so much more to sample at SkyAvenue’s Malaysian Food Street, which is located at Level 4. Contact +603 6101 1118 or visit Resort World Genting’s official website for more information.


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