Would You Spend RM418k On This Golden Louis Vuitton Toilet?

It's a royal flush!

And now for that person on your list who truly has everything — a $100,000 (RM418,800) golden toilet made out of Louis Vuitton bags.

Extravagances have reached a new level with this immaculate shrine, which has left many wondering who would actually dare use it.

Controversial artist Illma Gore worked for three months and used 24 different bags, valued at $15,000 (RM62,827), in addition to a $3,000 (RM12,565) suitcase to make this fully functioning gold-plated potty.

Her previous works include prints of Donald Trump being knocked out by a vagina and a ‘We Can Do It’ WW2 landgirl poster with Brock Turner’s face superimposed on it.


“I wondered what 15k of authentic Louis Vuitton bags looked like as a fully functional toilet, so I made this.” She says that she loved the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $2006 (RM8405) bag, “The urge to destroy is just the same as the creative urge.”

Irma also claims that “she got bored and started cutting up Louis Vuitton bags. Blacked out, and found this [the toilet].”

Talk about posh-living!

The Loo-uis Vuitton toilet is available on Tradesy and may not be returned once purchased. We recommend taking a good look at all item details before ordering.



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