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OMG! Stylenanda Seoul Is Bringing Its Pink Hotel To Bangkok This November

BRB, making plans for Bangkok. #PinkHotel #Stylenanda

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Just a year after the launch of Stylenanda’s Pink Hotel in Myeongdong, the popular South Korean fashion company will be opening their second “hotel” in Bangkok this week!

Bangkok and Seoul are basically the hot spots for cute themed cafes, shops and hotels.

Though the Pink Hotel in Bangkok is not exactly a “hotel”, it still boasts a hotel-themed multi-level fashion and makeup shop with a cafe on site.

The Thai capital is Stylenanda’s first ever Pink Hotel out of Seoul, and you can bet that we’ll be filling our carts with a ton of 3CE cosmetics and Stylenanda clothes in between the many Instagram takes in the pink cafe.

Wanna pay the Stylenanda Pink Hotel Bangkok a visit?

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Head on over to Siam Square Soi 5 this Thursday for their grand opening party at 6.30 pm!



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