British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran blew our socks off yesterday evening when he performed live at the Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, serenading us with his best-selling tracks such as “Perfect”, “Happier”, “Shape of You” and more.

Truth be told, judging from the way he was slayin’ his guitars, you would never have known that he actually broke his arm a few weeks back due to a bike accident in London. We’re glad he’s okay though!

Back to his music. Everyone knows that whipping up these affectionate hits with heart-melting lyrics is the crooner’s forte, and when Ed-freaking-Sheeran sets the romantic mood, you damn well swoop the opportunity – like this guy.

Sheeran was performing “Thinking Out Loud” when midway a brave soul from the sold-out crowd PROPOSED to his girlfriend! Man, that’s bold and he must have been scared shitless, but she said YES.

We got it all on recording, and we’ve even spoken to the couple, Ashley Ho Mei Yee and Mohamad Gregory Eu, to learn more about the proposal, which took loads of planning, unsurprisingly. As it turns out, Ashley, 27, and Gregory, 28, have known each other since high school and have been dating for three years. Aww!

Ashley did not get to attend his previous show in Kuala Lumpur back in 2015, and both being huge Ed Sheeran fans, Gregory promised he’d take her to see him perform if ever there was another opportunity. He even suited up for the concert this time, and while Ashley had no clue, she was perplexed as to why he was so well-dressed for the night’s agenda.

Gregory divulged, “We’re avid fans of Ed Sheeran and ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has always been our song.” He even lied about NOT having tickets to Ed Sheeran’s gig this time in the beginning!

“I started planning the proposal since January this year. She was really excited to see Ed Sheeran and when the Divide Tour tickets went on sale, I told her the tickets were all sold out and she was really upset.”

Ashley, on the other hand, even cried when Gregory told her he didn’t manage to get hold of any tickets. She added, “I woke up really early in the morning a few times just to call the radio station to try and win tickets, but failed to do so.”

Gregory managed to pull off the surprise until the end, “I tricked her into thinking we were going to my sister’s birthday party that day. So it was a surprise until we got there!” As for their friends who were all there at the concert, he said, “Coincidentally, we had many friends going and I let them know I was going to propose.”

He also thanked the crowd for the awesome support at the time, “I felt like everyone in the stadium were our friends! We felt so much love and I couldn’t have dreamt of doing it any other way. We were very happy to share our special moment with everyone, and all of you who believe in love!”

Photo: Ashley Ho

Bring us the tissues please 🙁 Also, congratulations you two!! <3

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