There’s finally a diptyque boutique in KL!

Recently, Malaysia’s very first diptyque boutique found a home in Pavilion KL. Clad in glass, two ample windows form a diptych (the brand’s namesake) that looks into a stage for diptyque’s gorgeous collections. The space is simply decorated but warm with a contemporary aesthetics that mixes well with motifs playing homage to cultural Malaysia while inspiring you to explore the art of living through your senses.

The native Malaysian teak and ebony furnishings were redesigned to emphasise the space’s elegant height. Offering a vivid contrast with the uniformly black ceiling, the flooring’s design pays homage to the country’s culture.

At the centre of the room is an intimate alcove highlighting colourful harmonies of tissue paper, objects of the gift-giving ritual dear to diptyque. One of the alcoves presents the realm of gifts in more detail: in a showcase, candles adored with dedicated trios of colours testify to the consummate art of paper-folding and chromatic accords.

Finally, in a nod to this new bridge between Asia and the West, a batik curtain combines with the black and white oval that is diptyque’s symbol. The wood parquet is stencilled with a traditional pattern featuring subtle harmonies inspired by batik, a local technique of printing coloured fabrics using wax.

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Nad Dardin
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