The holidays are almost here, and we’re pretty sure that you need a new do.


In case you’re still considering where to get your holiday hair done, we paid The Met Kuala Lumpur Grand Salon a visit to walk you through the full experience.

Located within the posh heart of KL’s Golden Triangle, The Met Kuala Lumpur Grand Salon is quite possibly one of the best looking salons we’ve ever stepped into. Instead of the usual clean, minimalist decor most salons would opt for, The Met ups the glam with a sexy vibe – the salon is furnished with leather and suede chairs, and the mirrors were carved out of pearl Carrara marble and gilded with 24K gold frames. They’re also the only salon in KL to exclusively have Balmain hair products in store!

After walking around with ravaged, tired tresses for months, Nadee and I were in dire need of some TLC. I’ve been suffering from frizzy hair and due to my naturally curly hair type, my hair tends to get stuck in knots very easily. Nadee on the other hand, needed an update for her hair colour. Upon consultation, the master stylists suggested a strengthening and de-frizzing Keratin treatment for me, and give Nadee’s ocean green tips a major update.

I’ll be honest, I’m attached to my curly long locks. So when Geetha suggested that I try out the Keratin treatment, I was a little skeptical that I would lose my curls. But here’s the amazing bit about the Goldwell Kerasilk treatment at The Met – you’ve got an option to either maintain curls and de-frizz or loosen curls and de-frizz. So instead of having pin straight hair, you’d still have wavy locks. Also, a Keratin treatment is way better for your hair as it strengthens your hair rather than beat it to a pulp until it’s pin straight. #win

Before we started out with the treatment, my split ends needed to come off. I was given a dry cut and trim to not stretch and damage my already dried out strands. #FunFact, brushing your hair when wait stretches your hair out, which then leads to it being out of shape and splitting out at the end. Don’t do it.

After a series of blow drying, applying the treatment mixtures, flat ironing, styling and a spritz of Balmain’s Silk Perfume my hair was ready to go!  And I absolutely love it. My hair is so much more manageable now and I’ve successfully managed to reduce my hair blowout time by 40%.

And soon it was Nadee’s turn to get her rainbow hair on.

Gif: Giphy

Nadee had a vision of what her #Hairgoals would look like, and all she had to do was show her colourist her pinterest board, which looks like this…

And that was all it took for her colourist to put together 4 different colours on to one head of hair in under 4 hours. That’s a quite a feat considering that we’ve sat in salon chairs for almost an entire day, just colouring our hair.

For healthier hair post-colouring, Nadee’s stylist used Goldwell’s electrifying Elumen colours. Goldwell’s Elumen is free of oxidants but performs up to 76% more colour intensity than most oxidative permanent hair colours. She also used the infamous purple hair toner to make sure that Nadee’s hair doesn’t turn brassy on top of using 4 different colours (turquoise, fuchsia, purple and orange) and for an eclectic palette.

After a quick cut, style and spritz of Balmain’s Silk Perfume, we were amazed with Nadee’s new hair colour(s)!

All in all, we loved our trip to The Met Kuala Lumpur Grand Salon. On top of using only the finest hair products, the team at The Met is dedicated in taking care of your tresses – during and after you leave The Met’s posh enclave.

It’s time to get your hair did, boo.

Find The Met Kuala Lumpur Grand Salon at Parkroyal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. For more on The Met Kuala Lumpur Grand Salon, access here.

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