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The Incredibles Are Finally Back With A Sequel After 13 Years

2018 is just around the corner and there’s already a list of things that anticipates us for the new year to come. One of them has to be the many blockbuster movies that are debuting next year. And after 13 years of waiting, The Incredibles are finally back with a sequel that is set to hit the big screens in summer of 2018.

The return of the comedy animation isn’t exactly news to Disney and Pixar fans as the making of the sequel was already announced back in 2015. Initially scheduled for a 2019 comeback, fans were ecstatic when news regarding the early release of the Academy Award winning animation broke in October 2016.

Image by: Hollywood Reporter

With strong anticipation built on the animation sequel, the movie finally released its first teaser trailer on November 18. Needless to say, the trailer was a bomb! The excitement for the return The Incredibles is so legit that it garnered over 11 million views in just two days.

Superhero adventures of the Parr family continues under the lead of original screenwriter-director, Brad Bird. Sticking true to its core, The Incredibles 2 features the original voice cast Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L Jackson and some additional new voices to bring in new surprises. Not only that, the original characters are also promised to be kept within the film, only better and more realistic with the advance of technology since the last movie.

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Topping charts in 2004, the production grossed over 600 million dollars at the global box office, receiving excellent reviews and an award for best animated feature at the Academy Award. Revolving around the undercover superhero family who disclosed their hidden identity to save the day, the sequel’s trailer did not reveal a guessable plot.

Judging from the looks of it, we’re definitely going to be seeing more of the Parr family’s youngest member – Jack Jack who’s own nascent powers started budding in the first film. Unleashing more of Jack-Jack’s superpower potentials, the sequel’s story is said to witness Mrs. Incredible leaving Mr. Incredible to overcome the challenges of living a suburban life.

Image by: Collider

Making it’s global debut in the U.S. theaters on June 15 and July 13 in the U.K., we’re still yet to find out on when Malaysia fans can catch a glimpse. We’re so doped up with the return of The Incredibles and looking forward to go on new adventures with the adored superhero family!

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