Watch Pink & Channing Tatum Flaunt Dance Moves In Music Video “Beautiful Trauma”

Pink left the audience in awe when she flew off the side of a hotel on-stage at the American Music Awards 2017 that happened on Sunday. While everyone is still yet to be over her jaw-dropping performance, Pink comes out with yet another surprise – featuring Channing Tatum in her “Beautiful Trauma” music video!

Playing tribute to iconic dance partners of the 1940s – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Pink and Channing play a happily married couple in a uproarious sitcom-style video. The pop princess is a typical housewife in the ’50s to her ‘husband’ Fred Hart (Channing Tatum), going around burning his breakfast and clothes.

Image by: Hollywood Point

Knowing Pink, it isn’t surprising that the video took a completely modern twist when she found out that Channing enjoys cross-dressing. Dressing in black-suit and a gentleman hat, Ginger Hart, played by Pink, puts on lipstick for her husband as the couple goes into a full-on dance routine, sliding and gliding across the room to the music.

Image by: Harpers Bazaar

Dancing’s not all – things also quickly heat up as Channing is seen tied up on the sofa before Nikki Tuazon joins the pair. The music video has already garnered 1.2 million views in just one day and boy, we can tell why. There’s really a lot going on in Pink’s new MV!

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