Neuroticism isn’t generally considered a desirable attribute, as many studies have linked the personality trait to the risk of health issues and mental disorders.

This understanding has lead neurotic people to receive a lot of flak, but in reality, neuroticism is also linked to some very good traits including intelligence and creativity.


Interestingly, a new study suggests that there may be another, unexpected bonus to neuroticism — and it may be linked to a longer life.

Researchers have recently studied a group of 500,000 U.K. residents, paying attention to those who identified themselves as being exceptionally nervous or anxious. In general, people with the neurotic trait tend to be healthier and have a longer life span, especially if they perceived their own health as being fair or poor.

The theory? Because neurotic people are usually paranoid about their health, thinking that it may be poor even when it isn’t.

As a result, they’re more likely to visit a doctor and be proactive if they notice any strange symptoms, while a more laid-back person might postpone getting checked out, or ignore an illness altogether. But not you, neurotic folks.

P/S: Maybe now’s the time to appreciate your neurotic friend, just in case you’ve been mean to their ‘strange’ antics.



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