The tears and heartbreaks, being rebellious and embarking on adventures – we’ve all been through that path of self-discovery. Inspired by a woman’s journey of constant reinvention, local jewellery maker The Straits Finery has partnered with Snackfood to create three dainty pairs of earrings that define the transformation of a girl to a woman.

Made of 14-karat solid gold, Tic Tac, Tomboy and Waterfall are the three designs incorporated in the Coming of Age capsule collection. Though elegantly precious separately on their own, mixing and matching the fluid earrings can bring out a whole sense of mischievousness to them, which makes them all the more fun accessories to wear.

The rebellious times of our teenage days have created stories we can tell for a lifetime, and this has ultimately inspired the creation of Tic Tac. The mismatched stud earrings perfectly define the times before rules created boundaries.

Then, we set off on an era of experimentation, an adventure concerning self-seeking and androgyny. Perfectly defining that phase of life, Tomboy is a pair of spiral earrings that present a new look in every twist, giving the illusion of seeing double.

Finally, showcasing long chain earrings, the Waterfall signifies the end of one’s self-discovery journey and into the following phase of adulthood. Allowing personalisation, the chains are adjustable in length to suit various individual styles.

With that, the collaboration between Snackfood’s quirkiness and The Straits Finery’s minimalistic aesthetic perfectly emulates the complicated yet refining journey to adulthood. While the Tic Tac is priced at RM350 per pair and Tomboy at RM650, the Waterfall earrings are available for RM720.

Set to launch on December 1st, these limited edition earrings will be available at Snackfood at Bangsar or online on The Strait Finery. Be sure to grab them quick!

Krystle Wong
A girl of caffeine and good reads, of food hunting adventures and revealing thoughts through words.