Here’s Why We’re Convinced Chris Brown & Indonesian Singer Agnez Monica Are Dating

We've got receipts to back it up too:

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Well, well, well, what do we have here?

On Saturday night, Chris Brown was seen in Beverly Hills with a new lady on his arm at DJ Khaled‘s star-studded birthday bash – AND SHE’S JAKARTA’S VERY OWN AGNEZ MONICA!

The “Look At Me Now” singer, 28, also posted a couple of pics of him sporting a broad grin as he showed up with a stunning Agnez Mo, 31, at DJ Khaled’s party. Agnez, who’s been making musical strides in the US after taking over the market back home, made sure she turned heads at the party, showing up in a glittering striped black shirt dress with a plunging leather bodice underneath and leather Christian Dior boots.

Last month, Chris shared a couple of pics of him and Agnez at the studio.Though he only captioned it with “hot s**t cooking”, Chris looks preeettty cozy nuzzling Agnez’s neck and putting his arms around her waist. Chris has since deleted the photos, but you can still see it on Agnez’s Instagram page. Here’s a screencap of the two low-key flirting in the comments section:

Agnez, who rose to fame at a very young age in Indonesia, recently made strides into the US market with her latest album X. reveals a whole other Agnez Monica from her “Tak Ada Logika” days, but you’ve got to admit that the “Long As I Get Paid” singer is looking amazing these days.

Watch “Long As I Get Paid” in the video below.





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