The Iconic Floating Venice Is Heading To The Shores Of Dubai By 2020

Here's what it's like to stay in Dubai's very own Floating Venice.

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Within the past few decades, Dubai has been through a fast-paced revolution, transforming from a desert oasis to one of the world’s most modern countries. With the expansion of high speed rails and man-made islands, Dubai is now topping lists of expats most loved vacation spots and one of its most fascinating elements has got to be architecture. Following the world-known Burj Khalifa and Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai’s latest project is bringing the mystical city of Venice onto its shores.

Constructed to be the world’s first underwater luxury resort, Floating Venice is a miniature replica of Italy’s very own Piazza San Marco. Set to begin its construction in 2018, the resort that is estimated to be completed in 2020 is developed by a Dubai-based Austrian developer, Kleindienst Group with a budget of RM27.8 bil.

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Situated within 4km off coast Dubai’s mainland, guests are to check in at the underwater lobby by boat, seaplane or even helicopter. From there, guests will be escorted through a stroll along their Venice-inspired canal side walkways and bridges to arrive at their awaiting cabins. That’s not just it, to expand the authenticity of the world heritage site, gondolas from Venice itself are imported to transport guests amidst the four decks of the hotel.

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Accommodating over 3,000 guests, the Venetian hotel beneath the shores of United Arab Emirates city is equipped with 414 cabins with 180 of which are designed to be underwater, alongside the resort’s spa and three of its 12 restaurants and bars.

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Luxuriate in one of the underwater bedrooms with an extraordinary marine view of its more than 4,000 square feet corals planted around the resort or wake up to the skyline of Dubai in one of the up-shore cabins. Paying tribute to the Venetian glass, walls and floors of pools within the floating resort are made of acrylic glass, projecting the marine life underneath the 12 floating beaches.

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Authentic structures aside, Dubai’s version of the Floating Venice will be bringing in the heritage culture and arts of Venice, where festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, Binnale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore will be happening in the resort all-year-round. It will be like bringing the whole Venice into the deserts of Dubai, we can already imagine how grand it will be!

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