Fans Are Furious Over News Reports On Chester Bennington’s Autopsy

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Our hearts shattered when the news of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington’s death broke out earlier this year. The nu metal singer-songwriter was later laid to rest as fans around the world as well as many from the music and entertainment industry mourned the passing of the power vocalist.

5 months later, it was revealed that the singer who committed suicide in July eventually hog-tied and attempted to drown himself 9 months before his death. Fortunately, Chester changed his mind and was able to break free from the restraint and saved himself. But the reports were quickly denied by close friends and family of Chester, claiming that it was ‘incorrect’.

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With that said, the alternative rock musician’s widow, Talinda Bennington and bandmate, Mike Shinoda broke the silence, firing back at misleading reports of Chester Bennington’s autopsy report. Linkin Park fans were also siding the late musician who struggled from depression, furiously commenting that people should, “Leave Chester Bennington to rest in peace.”

The information however, still remains as a rumour and as news outlets report, the information was redacted due to ‘marital privilege’, to protect the family and loved ones of the singer. Responding to the rumour, officials at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office commented that, “The report stands as is,” and they would not make further reveals.


Chester Bennington‘s official autopsy report also confirmed that the singer did have a small amount of alcohol in his system during his death. In relation to the 41-year-old being tested “presumptive positive” for ecstasy, it was later confirmed after two additional urine tests that the drug was not detected. Hence, it was concluded that the Linkin Park band member’s death was not under the influence of drugs.

Our thoughts go to Chester Bennington’s family, friends and fans. May he rest in peace.

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