Uhh.. If you’re one of those people, or non-credible organisations that use “bait” on Facebook to garner engagement, you may want to put an end to it before Facebook ends you. Harsh, but sadly true.

The social network giant just announced that it will penalise offenders who encourage users to like, comment or tag people in the comments section for wider visibility of their content.

Such incentives, like “Share to win a free trip” or “Like if you’re a Gemini” draws users to interact with the post, and ultimately promotes the said post as it would show up on more users’ Newsfeeds.

Photo: Facebook

Well, Facebook has upgraded its Newsfeed algorithm and beginning in a few weeks, offenders will have the total reach on all of their posts reduced if there is engagement bait involved.

Also, the more you resort to engagement bait, the harder your page will be hit. And to regain your original reach back, you’d have to be with good behaviour on Facebook, meaning ‘better’ content all around.

With that said, there are exceptions and this may range from raising money for a cause, or a missing child report. Prior to this announcement, Facebook has also began a clampdown on crappy websites and clickbait in various languages.

Be warned is all we can say..

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