We wind up in the same damn workout apparel more often than not for whatever sort of physical activity regardless of the level of intensity. While it may be less significant compared to the fact that you’re actually putting in the effort for a proper sweat, tailoring the right athletic wear for your specific sport or exercise could very well be a game changer for your performance and overall comfort.

With that in mind, sportswear giant Nike recently unveiled nine new workout tights and pants for women as part of the new Nike Pants Studio, devised to offer athletes more options and a boost in their training with apparel targeted for specific activities. No matter the sport, each element such as the material, finish, rise, length, feel and features has been fine tuned by Nike for ultra customised results.

All the nine workout tights and pants showcase unique technical features and updated silhouettes that function efficiently to improve any workout experience, be it running, weightlifting, HIIT, dancing, gymnastics, indoor cycling or yoga. Besides performance, choosing the right style for a particular set of demands could positively impart to workout motivation and confidence.

The Nike Sculpt Tight, for instance, supports movements that involve posture such as yoga, pilates and dance. Promoting maximum length through the spine and tightness in the core, the tight boasts a hi-rise waistband that hits right under the ribcage while synching the body with just the right amount of compression and without the side seams, the tights offer increased mobility and flexibility.

All nine pants and tights are now available on nike.com, Nike stores and select retailers throughout Malaysia.

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen