More people around the world are making a change to be healthy, and the evidence is everywhere – healthy recipes online, the surge of intermittent fasting, at-home workout tutorials, medical breakthroughs and more. As of late, something absurd has popped up and it is consuming raw water.

Raw water essentially is untreated, unfiltered water that is being bottled (around the United States) to be sold at insane prices to those who seek. In California for instance, one gallon of raw water is going for about $30. Those who believe in this “clean” water are convinced that the liquid bears beneficial bacteria and minerals from the earth.

Photo: MySalesGuide

Before you jump onto the bandwagon, just know that raw water is NOTHING but clean. It’s probably one of the dumbest food trends of all time because it potentially contains deadly bacteria and God knows what else. Diseases. That’s what this water will bring you – Cholera, Giardia, and E. coli amongst others.

Even sterile water doesn’t have “good” bacteria, so you do the math. And the worst part about raw water is that it has a by date – even advocates say that raw water has to be consumed within a few months of its bottling. If not, it’s going to turn green with algae. Just like a fish tank. Gross.

You can read further about the whole raw water craze in Silicon Valley here.

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