This may be surprising to some of you, but considering criteria like cost of living, healthcare and climate, Malaysia has been ranked the 5th most conducive destination to retire in 2018, according to a New Retirement Index by

Costa Rica has topped the list, which compiles the top 24 retirement destinations globally that account for a happy and successful retirement. Aside from the aforementioned criteria, the other factors considered include political life and retirement benefits, all based on retirees living with $1,500 monthly.

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Thanks to low levels of crime and its environmental preservation, Costa Rica has jumped from the fourth place to the first, followed by Portugal, which is now Europe’s top retirement haven. Well, it looks like Malaysia isn’t so bad for retirement after all, and hey, we’re already here. No need for any big moves!

Check out the entire list here:

1. Costa Rica

2. Mexico

3. Panama

4. Ecuador

5. Malaysia

6. Colombia

7. Portugal

8. Nicaragua

9. Spain

10. Peru